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Meet Jillian

A lover of design from a very young age (her aunt once pointed out that she didn’t know many seven year olds who loved shopping for antiques that much!) Jillian has always enjoyed re-imaging the space within the four walls of a home.  In her early days she could often be found hovering next to her father’s workbench sorting through the scrap pile for pieces of wood and other materials to create primitive (yet very functional) furniture pieces for her collection of stuffed toys and doll house (Popsicle stick mantle anyone?)

When she was sixteen years old she spent her summer vacation in the garage refinishing furniture with her mother. It was during that summer Jillian decided that her dream career would be made of days spent helping others create custom interiors from new and found objects, contributing to a layered space that perfectly reflected the people who inhabited them.

Fast forward and MadeCollective was born.  During the time between her garage epiphany and the launch of her design studio Jillian earned her degree in Interior Design and has become an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).  She continues to feed her design obsession by spending too many hours reading design magazines and taking as many classes and design webinars as she can.  Her vision of MadeCollective is to offer interior design that is both meaningful and collected.